Over the last 12 years, I have been fortunate to practice yoga at several wonderful studios, on beaches, in fields, at Kripalu, at a yoga retreat and looking out over a lake.  I love a good, meditative class that leads you on a journey.  These days between work, homeschool, running errands and my girls' activities, I seldom have time to fit in a class on a yoga studio's schedule.  I have found several great videos online to help me with my practice.  And both Jason and I are always pinning new ones to our Yoga Pinterest Board.

These are some of my favorite yoga resources:

Yogatoday - Practice for Life
There is a weekly free class or you can sign up for unlimited classes and access to a library of hundreds classes for less than $90 a year.

Yogatoday - Youtube Channel
There are several dozen short sequences as well as a few full-length YogaToday classes available for free on youtube.

Yoga with Adriene
This is one of my favorites!  Adriene is very funny and makes the practice both spiritual and fun.
She has a lot of free videos on youtube.  Her shivasana video is separate from the other videos, and if I have time I usually reward myself with Corpse Pose at the end of one of her videos!

Kripalu at Home
Kripalu is a beautiful yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle retreat in the Berkshire Mountains.  Jason and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a long weekend here in December 2011, where we took some amazing classes.  Kripalu yoga is gentle and about connecting with yourself and the Earth.

Yoga with Sadie Nardini
I was looking for some fat-burning, weight loss yoga asanas and came across Sadie who has a new book coming out in 2013 about using yoga for weight loss.  I can say that her 20 minute class, while restorative and reflective, did make me work up a sweat.

Ekhart Yoga
Yin yoga is very different from other forms of yoga.  You are encouraged to hold a pose for 3-5 minutes.  This builds stamina, flexibility and strength.  It all depends on what your body needs on a given day.