Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everything is falling into place...

In addition to how awesome all of the moms were yesterday at the homeschool park meetup...I have been so excited about my conversation with my truly awesome boss yesterday.  I am seriously blessed to work for this woman!

I told her that I was considering homeschooling my kids next year, but that I wanted to keep my job.  (I work 12 hours a week as a reference librarian).  My boss immediately offered me every other Saturday.  It was already in the plans for me to run  (organize, teach, guide ?) two Storytime sessions per week.  We also discussed me filling in holes in the schedule here and there.  She said the girls can come with me and we can either find jobs for them around the library or they can do their lessons or read or research things.  What a fabulous opportunity for them!!!!

She also offered her assistance if there was something she could help me with.  And she said that she would be very interested in having any homeschool groups meet at our library :)

I am such a lucky, blessed girl!!!!!

Everything is falling into place....