Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finding a Compromise

I really am so fortunate with work.  When I took the job at the library, my boss told me that if my girls were sick or had a day off from school, it was no problem for me to take off.  And she has always lived up to that.  I try not to take advantage of her kindness and make other arrangements when I can.

When I was hired, she also said that I would not have to work summers.  But,we discovered last year that in order to keep my pension, I need to put in a little time. Last year I worked one night a week and this summer, I thought to help my boss out since she is so gracious, I would say that I could work 2 nights, 3 in a pinch, if she needed me.

Well, she scheduled me for 3 nights every week.  I spoke with her and asked if I could do every other Thursday.  But now that summer is almost here, it feels very restrictive to have even three days every other week where I have to be somewhere at 5pm.  I have always liked summer to be very freeform and carefree.  We wake up and see where the day takes the beach, the Swim Club, over a friend's house, a long bike ride, lunch with a friend, a picnic in the yard, visiting Jason at work, the movies, the mall...Working three nights a week, means I really only have 2 days a week where the girls and I can go wander to our heart's content.

After a lot of thought, I just emailed my boss and told her that I didn't think the Thursdays were going to work, but I would still happily work the other two days a week.  I hope it doesn't put her in a bind, as she has been so kind to me and my family and I love my job, but right now, my girls are at an age where I want to explore with them and be with them as much as possible.  It's hard finding a compromise sometimes.