Monday, June 28, 2010

Our New Adventure

We are embarking on our new adventure today and we are all VERY excited!!

We are going to meet some homeschooling families at a weekly meetup that they host at a park.  The park is a little over an hour away.  But it is in the neighborhood where we used to live when P was a baby and A was a toddler.  We spent many, many wonderful days at this park with our MOMS Club.  We have many, many wonderful memories of this park, so we are very excited to be going back there.  It seems very fitting to be meeting some homeschoolers for the first time there!

I am hoping this is a sign.  I know that I can not go back in time, but I am hoping that we can reclaim some of what we lost when they went off to school.  I know things change when the kids start school, and I know they grow apart from you.  But something shifted inside of all of us when they went off to school and maybe we can find that rhythm together again :)

Jason and I spoke with the girls about this last night.  This is information gathering.  This is to see if we click with anyone.  This is to see if we make new friends.  Just because we like it or don't doesn't mean that we will definitely homeschool come September, it just means that we have more information on which to base our decision.

Jason told the girls that we will consider their feelings and opinions in making our final decision, but that in the end, as the adults, it would be our decision to do what we think is best for them and for our family.  He also told them how we spent the last few days telling their friends' parents about the possibility and ensuring that all of their friends' parents would be okay with still getting together and that EVERY SINGLE PARENT'S response was: Of course, why would we not want to still get together?