Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When I am nervous, I clean....

My mom had surgery today.  It was supposed to take 2-3 hours and wound up taking 6!  I was incredibly nervous and when I get nervous...I clean!

I went over all of my woodwork with a Magic Eraser and all of my kitchen cabinets and doors.  I dusted and vacummed and then started on the girls' rooms!  I cleaned the girls rooms with hefty bags in hand.  All of the shoes and clothes that no longer fit or are needed, all of the toys that they have outgrown were put in a bag to be picked up Friday by Lupus Foundation.  All of the bits of paper and yarn, dried up markers and broken crayons, really worn shoes or stained clothes, broken toys and cheap birthday favor type toys were thrown away.  I hated throwing away the many, many notebooks in which the girls wrote a half a page incomplete story or drew a picture; I saved a few of those but this is how my girls play and between the two of them there were over 30 of these notebooks (I stock up at Wal Mart during the back-to-school sales when said notebooks are $.10 a piece!).

I started a "Curriculum Closet" in the hall, finding new homes for my tablecloths and candles and decorating tchotchkes.  I discovered that we have a lot of math games, science experiment books and "equipment"; as well as a TON of art supplies.  I started little areas for different subjects and found several "almost new" handwriting books that the girls were given as gifts.  I also found a weaving loom that P had been given and an MC Escher puzzle that Jason and I had bought a million years ago in college and never even opened!  Those would be very fun art projects!

My dad just called a little while ago to say that my mom is out of surgery and doing well :)  I spoke with her briefly on the phone and look forward to seeing her tomorrow!!