Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Awesome Mom

I have been considering homeschooling for two years now.  Jason has been all for it from the beginning, having known several people that were homeschooled and having been impressed with them.

My parents not so much.

My parents took my brother and I out of public school and put us in Catholic school because they had been unhappy with the education we were receiving.  When we went to public school for high school (they would have sent us to Catholic high school, but I REALLY wanted to go to public school and be able to express myself through my clothing, etc.) we were behind academically.  We had never even heard the term algebra, never been exposed to foreign language, etc.  And my parents regretted their decision to take us out of public school.  They didn't want Jason and I to make the same mistake.

Over this summer, since we have been really thoroughly exploring homeschooling, meeting people who are making it work and keeping this blog, my parents are warming up to the idea.  I was recently telling my mom about the experiences of a friend of mine in public school (a different district, but same issues) and she told me that she really did think that we should try homeschooling.  A few days later, when I told her that I found out that we could be part of a homeschool farm co-op in our area, my mom became animated over the opportunity and said the more she hears about it they more she thinks it is a good idea.

Tonight, when I got home from work, there was a package on the dining room table from Barnes & Noble.  But I didn't open it right away.  Instead, I had some ice cream with the girls, folded some laundry while chatting with Jason and wrote a blog post about our chat.  Ironically, then I decided to open the box:

Some homeschooling books :)

My mom will be having another second surgery tomorrow due to complications from her first surgery.  Prayers are appreciated :)