Friday, July 16, 2010

Unit Study: Colonial Williamsburg, Day 3

We have been getting a taste of what homeschooling may be like through exploring the history of Colonial Williamsburg.  We continue to read If You Lived in Williamsburg in COLONIAL DAYS by Barbara Brenner and take notes.  We are anxiously awaiting for some of the craft and projects to be transferred to our library.

Today the girls decided they wanted to eat in P's bedroom at the little table:

A finally got the chance to bake.  She had been looking forward to baking last Friday, but then her ear started to hurt.  Thankfully our doctor got her in immediately.  She had both Swimmer's ear and a middle ear infection.  We had to pick up her Rx and by the time we got home...we didn't feel like cooking, never mind baking.  So we dialed up our favorite Chinese restaurant that night!

But we were able to make it up to A a few days later...

A made Can-Can brown bread (which we made in loaf pans because all of the cans were outside in the recycling and I was kind of skeeved by using them; next time we will save some cans and wash them out just for this delicious bread that A made ALL BY HERSELF!)

The Brown Bread went really well with the Waldorf Salad that P helped me make, a nice, light, refreshing summer meal :)