Friday, August 20, 2010


In case you were wondering, we are on vacation!!  Right now we are taking a little break before heading back to Busch Gardens!

We spent weeks learning about the Jamestown and Yorktown Settlements, Pocahontas, the Shirley Plantation and Colonial Williamsburg; we also spent a fair amount of time picking out the rides we wanted to try at Busch Gardens and Water Country, USA.  And, of course, we perused menus for all of the excellent restaurants and made reservations :)

In addition to packing snacks, we brought along the "American Girl: Felicity Movie"--which was filmed in the Village where we are staying! , as well as a CD audiobook about Pocahontas--who lived near the Jamestown Settlement that we visited.  Watching and listening in the car on the way down added to our excitement - not to mention our understanding!  The night before we went to Colonial Williamsburg, we all cuddled up in bed at the hotel and watched the "Felicity" movie together :-)

The hubby, who has been a HUGE fan of NPR for years and in the last few years has become quite obsessed with podcasts, has decided that audiobooks may just be the greatest thing ever invented!!  He is quite literally obsessed with the options!  I love him so much :)

We will be posting more pictures of the trip as soon as we get back!!