Monday, August 30, 2010

We are so Blessed!

We are just in one of those places where it just feels like one good thing after another.  I love when life is like this.  I have read a lot of books by Dr. Wayne Dyer and I do believe that there is positive energy (I think of it as God) and that if you can hang on and think positively, you become positive energy and more positive things come into your life.

That is where we are now.

Everything is working out awesome!

Jason's career is going great!

We have finally -after two years- made the decision to homeschool and we are all so excited.  I keep thinking that my girls DON'T have to go back to school...and get excited all over again!

We joined a co-op which starts today.  The girls will take Drama, Latin, Recorder, Yoga and Science at the co-op.  I am excited to meet new friends and have the girls meet new friends.  Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming on the yahoo group and emails.

The co-op is minutes away from my grandmother's house and gets out at 3pm.  Just as my grandma's "stories" end, so we will be stopping by and spending a little time with her on Mondays.  I love being with her.  She is so much fun and so sweet and always kind and supportive.

I got my work schedule for the fall and it is perfect!  I am running Storytime for 4 & 5 year olds, which I am THRILLED about!  As well as the rest of my reference librarian duties :)  One of the days that I am scheduled to work, my mom has Bible study at church until a half hour before I have to be at work.  So, she will come and get the girls after Bible Study, either take them to her house or do sewing lessons with them at our house (they both want to be fashion designers!).  Then, she can drop them off at church for choir and go home and either Jason or I can pick them up at choir when we get home from work :)


My parents adopted a puppy!  My dad had a boxer when he was a young man and he just adored that dog.  He always said that when he retired, he was going to get another boxer.  And now they did.  We had plans to go up to the lake for a few days for Labor Day Weekend...and now we are even more excited because we get to meet the adorable little girl in the pictures!  We can't wait!!

Everything is going just wonderfully!  We are so blessed!  Life is good!!!