Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our First Homeschool Field Trip

Yesterday we traveled down to the beach and met up with a group of homeschoolers to learn about the Lenape Indians (Native NJ tribe) and the plants and animals at the beach.  It was a FANTASTIC trip!!!

 shake to see what shells or rocks may be left:


Everything caught seining went back in a bucket to be dumped back out later:
Allie's seining group caught a crab:

Learning about Lenape fishing.  
Only 2 families in NJ are still allowed to fish this way (they have Lenape blood).
Fishing this way yields approximately 1500 lbs. of fish in three days.
If more people were allowed to fish this way there would be a substantial loss in marine life in NJ.
Playing a super fun game.
They had to sneak up the blind-folded person and try to steal his sticks.
They had to practice being stealthy.
They all LOVED this!

Throwing arrows at a moving target:

Drilling with a stick and a broken clamshell:

Cutting with a clamshell, the way the Lenape did.

Grinding corn to make corn meal:

Allie told me she LOVES being homeschooled :)
Attempting to build fire:

Afterwards we walked over the the Sandy Hook Lighthouse.