Sunday, September 26, 2010


I don't have a sister.  But I always wanted one.
The relationship that I imagined having with a sister, is the exact relationship that my girls share.

Sure, they squabble, they argue, like any two people that have to share the same space.
But there is this love, this understanding, this friendship that is, I think, unique to sisters.
They cuddle with each other, wrap their limbs around each other.
They know that they will always be together.  Friends come and go.  But they will always have each other.
A loves art, she spends hours making things out of clay.  Sometimes P helps her.
P loves music, she spends hours singing and dancing.  Sometimes A joins in.
They love to be together.

But sometimes, one hurts the other's feelings.  Or one wants the other to do something that they other doesn't want to do.  It's a struggle for all of us.

Since P was born, A has wanted to take care of her.
A would get mad at me if I let P cry for even a few seconds.
Or, if P threw a temper tantrum and I didn't run over.
"Don't let her cry!" A would admonish.
A often gives in to P.
Jason and I spend a lot of time telling A to stand up for herself, to do what she wants, even if it means P isn't happy.  We try to tell her that it is nice to do what someone else wants sometimes, but not all the time.
Sometimes it sinks in, sometimes not.
More and more, since we have been homeschooling and the girls are together more and have more free time, I see A sticking up for herself.  And P accepting it.  Yet another way homeschooling is working for us.

The girls don't share a room.  At one time they did, but then we  finished the basement and moved the toys down there, thus opening the extra bedroom for A.

Most nights, the girls snuggle together to watch movies.
Many mornings, we find them both snuggled and entwined in bed together.
They don't like to be apart.

And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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