Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Things Done

My friend Deb, at NotInadequate is going to be having a "Getting Things Done" Blog Hop today..nothing like telling the blogging world that you WILL finish something to get you inspired!

Not Inadequate Blog Hop

I have been getting so much done!  I love it!  Marking things off my "To Do" list always makes me happy.

I had started the project of transferring all of our VHS tapes to DVD.  Then, I found 4 camcorder cassettes that I had never even put on video.  Luckily, I was able to use the connector with my camcorder, but I needed to purchase a different wire to connect the cam to the connector.  Then we started school...

In the last few days, I have gotten all of those tapes on the computer and burned all of the DVDs.  I love this project.  I love seeing my girls as babies, seeing my grandfather and my Naunie, seeing Jason's mom and grandma, hearing all of their voices and seeing their facial expressions, I feel like I am right back there with them.  Or that they are in the room with me.

While I did this, I worked on completing a needlepoint pillow that I started when A was in kindergarten!  I don't know why I hardly worked on it.  I find needlecrafts to be so relaxing.  I really want to finish it so that I can start knitting!  I took a knitting class with my mom when A was in first or second grade and I made myself a scarf and the girls' sweaters for their American Girl dolls.  Now, reading blogs of women who knit, I am inspired...I can't wait to go buy some wool and some new bamboo needles!  But I won't let myself until I finish this pillow!

After co-op on Monday, we stopped at the fabric store on the way to my grandmother's house to get fabric for the girls' Halloween costumes.  My mom is back from her summer house and being the wonderful, awesome grandma that she is...she is making the girls' Halloween costumes!

We also started planning A's eleventh birthday party (that goes to show how long I have been working on this pillow!).

I booked several more field trips.  Christmas at a Living History Farm, tickets to a Christmas show,  a performance by Chinese acrobats, a homeschool day at the aquarium and a homeschool day at a dairy where we get to help make cheese and bring some home!

The last event is actually ON A's eleventh birthday, which I am thrilled about because I want that day to be as special as possible!

We are having a little celebration this weekend for my parents' fall return from their summer house, so the girls and I have been planning a very autumn themed menu and cleaning the house in preparation!