Monday, October 11, 2010

Meeting New Friends

Yesterday...I don't even know where to begin...IT WAS JUST SUCH AN AWESOME DAY!!!

When I first started this blog, I had maybe three or four posts and I got my first comment!  I was so excited!  The comment was from another mom, who was new to homeschooling and it was very encouraging to me, as I was just considering homeschooling.  You can see that comment here.  I clicked on this mom's name and read her entire blog...learned all about her journey with her daughter and just felt like we had so much in common!

That comment encouraged me to keep blogging and to keep thinking about my children, their education, the impact that school was having on them, and the possibility of homeschooling.  Over the next 6 months, I read every single one of the other mom's posts and she read every one of mine.  We commented on each other's posts.  We looked at things similarly, we were both concerned for our children, for their education.  We both wanted the best for them and would stop at nothing.  We exchanged emails.  We became facebook friends.  We had almost daily contact.  She became more than another mom, but a woman with interests of her own and someone that I proudly call friend.

Call it kismet or serendipity.  I think it is yet one more example of proof that there is a God or something bigger than ourselves in the universe that makes sure we get what we need as long as we are open to it.

Yesterday, I got meet this mom, Jessica from Teachable Moments.

I can't even tell you how awesome it was to finally meet her!

I knew we would hit it off and have a great time!  I knew our girls (who all have blogs and have been commenting on each other's blogs and communicating that way) would all have a lot in common.  Even our husband's connected quickly!  But then, her family is just so incredibly nice!

We had decided to meet by the Dakota and walk around Central Park.  Central Park is such an amazing part of New York City.  When you walk around, you can easily forget that you are in Manhattan.  You start to feel like you are in the woods, or at a nature sanctuary.

There are awesome, beautiful details from another time...gorgeous archways, pergolas, walkways, fountains...

And then when you look up...

We all wandered, letting the kids make the choices at the forks in the road.  The girls ran off, scrambling over rocks, sitting in the sun, giggling and exploring together.  Jess and I walked and chatted.  It was so nice to just be able to talk...and not type! lol.  And our husbands talked, chatted, scrambled over rocks with the kids and explored on their own and with the kids.  It was a truly amazing day - to meet people that we all just instantly connected with and had so much in common with!

Jessica's older daughter can't eat gluten, so we were not sure what would happen for dinner and we had been trying for ages to get my uncle to try our favorite pizza place in the world...since it was such a great day, we had called in the morning to see if he wanted to meet us later in the day for pizza.  And he did!  There is always something special for me about being in the city with my uncle, because he is the first person to ever have taken me to the city and just set me free to explore (ice cream sundaes and pecan pie for lunch at a famous uptown eatery!).

We were having such a great time with Jessica and her family, that we invited them to come as well and were thrilled when they accepted!  So we crammed in the mini-van old school style and Jess's husband helped navigate Jason to the pizza place!

We take everyone to this pizza place.  The pizza is amazing!'s definitely not a very upscale or updated atmosphere.  I think it's the kind of place you see on The Food Network that only locals know.  It's tiny and the walls are covered in graffiti.  But the pizza is...oh, so good!

I am so glad that Jessica and her family joined is for dinner.  The girls sat and giggled at their own table, while Jessica, her husband, Jason, my Uncle Tom and I had time to talk at our own table.

After that, we cruised the sidewalk vendors, P scored a mohair hat that matched her favorite jacket perfectly!  My Uncle generously bought all of the girls jade zodiac pendants.

Then we went for gelatto.

I was disappointed when the evening was over.

But, I know we will see them again!  The girls and I are already coming up with all kinds of ideas for field trips..maybe having them over here for a Mario Kart face-off...they don't live that far away and it is not that often that you meet people that the whole family so instantly connects with.

Thank you, Jessica, for commenting on my blog back in April.