Friday, October 22, 2010

Week in Review

On Monday, co-op was phenomenal, as usual.

Tuesday we were really on our game.  We began our Science Unit: a Chemistry Kit.  We talked about matter: solids, liquids and gases.  We did some simple experiments.  We learned a lot about our state in history: Thomas Edison and WLK Dickson invented the first movies in New Jersey; the first movie studios were in NJ; Old Westerns starring Douglas Fairbanks were filmed where the toll booths for the George Washington Bridge now stand.  We worked on writing descriptive paragraphs about a stuffed animal.  A took the placement test for Teaching Textbooks, P did two lessons in Teaching Textbooks--at this rate she will be ready for the next level before the end of the year!  We even found time to start our art lesson--a Halloween Village.  Both girls attended choir at church Tuesday night.

A was not feeling well Wednesday, so each girl did a math lesson, then we finished up our study on our state. We snuggled on the couch together and I read some storybooks about our state.  Reading to my girls is something that we have started doing again and something that they really enjoy.  They can and do read on their own, but snuggling together and reading picture books and talking about them is something that we once again have time for and are all really enjoying.   After reading to them, we snuggled on the couch and  watched some of the DVDs that I recently made from VHS tapes of A as a baby.

We put our lapbooks together on Thursday.  Both girls revised the paragraphs they had written about finding a stuffed toy.  Allie tried Teaching Textbooks and LOVED it!  We worked on handwriting.  A studied Latin and P worked on memorizing a poem for co-op.  We talked about liquids and solids, water pressure and the density of oil versus water in science and did three experiments.  Then we worked on our Halloween Village, which is coming along great!  I am thrilled to finally have time to do these kinds of crafts and projects with the girls!

A had a consultation with the oral surgeon today about removing 4 teeth to relieve some over-crowding before beginning orthodontic treatment.  Then we had to buy a gift for a friend who is getting married, do our Costco run, take a little side trip to Michaels and then hit the supermarket in prep for a little dinner party tomorrow night for my parents' return from their summer home.  The girls buckled down when we got home and re-wrote their paragraphs in very neat cursive and they each did a math lesson.  Then my dad surprised us with a visit and brought Molly!!!  She loved running around in our yard with Ollie!

The girls earned a new Mario game :)
We got some pizza and some beer...and are looking forward to a Family Wii-Pizza Fest tonight!!

Have a great weekend!!