Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have been subscribing to Family Fun magazine since before A was born!  (I taught pre-school for several years before she was born and Family Fun had great craft ideas).  I dreamed of making crafts with my own children.  But, of course, at first they were too young, although I used to have them fingerpaint ornaments and then paint with a brush as they got older...we did tons of crafts just never very detailed ones.  Then, it seemed that as soon as they were the right age, they were in pre-school and dance class and gymnastics and, then of course, they started school and we were running in a million different directions...and we never had time to make the fun crafts for Family Fun.

Well, now that we are homeschooling...we DO have the TIME to make CRAFTS together!

The girls and I had a blast creating this little Halloween Village inspired by a project in Family Fun magazine.  We couldn't figure out how to get the tree branches to stand up, so we used these little potted "shrubs" around our Village.

I think one of the greatest gifts we have all received from the decision to homeschool is TIME.  

We all say how fast our kids are growing up...and no, I have not found a way to slow that down...BUT I have found a way to enjoy many more moments with them.  Childhood is fleeting.  I want my kids' childhood to be relaxed and fun and filled with activities that they enjoy.

My parents watched the girls last week and my mom commented that when the girls wanted to learn, they were inquisitive.  I had sent over some science experiments for the girls to do with my parents and my mom said how the girls were into it, they were commenting on it and making predictions.  A took time to teach Molly (my parents' boxer puppy) to lay down and give A her paw before she got a treat.  My mom commented that we all seem calmer, less stressed and the girls seem willing to spend time on academic things, it's not a drudgery or something the have to do, but something that they enjoy.  She commented that she sees a real difference in all of us.