Monday, December 20, 2010

A Christmas Visit with Jason's Family

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Jason's family.

We brought our dog, Ollie.
We always say that Ollie reminds us of Jason's stepdad.
Don't worry, it's not in a mean way.
My father-in-law was more flattered than offended.
Our dog is getting older, but he's still got this boyish charm, like my father-in-law.

Jason's younger brother is 13 years younger than him.
He is such a great guy.
We wish we saw him more.
We have so much in common.
We really need to try to get together more often.
It would be nice if he returned our calls ~hint, hint~
Uncle Bumper, as we call him - it's a family joke - is GREAT with the girls!
The girls ADORE him!

The necklace Jason is wearing was made for him by one of the girls.

I blame the brother-in-law!

It was a really nice day.
We need to do it more often.