Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Hit the Jackpot!

I work on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Normally, the girls come with me.  (I am SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED to have THIS job, THIS supervisor, THIS boss.) They attend a school age craft time and visit with friends at the library while I catalog books and help people find what they need.  

This week, the girls were sick, so they could not come.

My awesome, amazing, wonderful mom came over to watch the girls so I could go to work :)  I seriously, seriously do not know where I would be without my parents.  I seriously hit the jackpot in the family category.

I was so busy fretting over the fact that, this week, school has looked like this:
Mad Libs & Math Bingo

and this...
Preposition Bingo
and a lot of this:
A is downright OBSESSED with Nancy Drew--she has a one book a day addiction!

Did I mention that I have a Type A personality?
Did I mention that I am friends with Board of Ed members in my town & they read my blog?

I COMPLETELY forgot about dinner.  Truth be told, since the girls got sick dinner has been canned soup or salad.  I have been too drained to cook and what is the point when 2 of the 4 of us won't eat?

But last night, when I got home....

the house smelled like coffee and cinnamon...

my WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, SEXY, TERRIFIC husband had managed to find a meal that EVEN THE GIRLS felt like eating:

Whole wheat pancakes
Maple syrup
Breakfast Sausage
Cinnamon Apples
a BIG POT of decaf with a pinch of cinnamon mixed in
(we mix it in with the grounds -it's my wonderful Uncle Tom's trick)
and it is soooo good!

I was SO incredibly grateful to my husband for thinking to make dinner.
I am still thinking about it this morning.
And it makes me smile.


I am so lucky.
So blessed.
So thankful.