Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend

We are celebrating birthdays around here.

On Friday night, P had some friends sleep over to celebrate her birthday with her.

Then on Saturday we were joined by friends and family to celebrate P's birthday with brunch.

This is the awesome Milanese Tourte that Jason made that I was really impressed with.

Then on Sunday, we went to the city.  Our gift to P was a new American Girl doll, something she has been talking about for months.

Then we went to Sardi's, which we had been warned was past its' prime.  The caricatures are, for the most part, from the seventies and eighties, but I was glad to have gone there and experienced a place we had heard so much about.  Actually, Jason and I enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing caricatures of actors we had all but forgotten about.

The food was really good.  Jason got steak tartar - he likes to try different things - and it was surprisingly good.

I took this picture of Martin Sheen's caricature (Ha!):

There was a girl sitting at a table near us who was celebrating her Sweet Sixteen with friends and her mom.  She had balloons and when she heard it was P's birthday, she gave her balloons to P, as she was going to a show afterwards and could not take the balloons.

We didn't quite think about what it would be like to walk back to our car with the balloons.
For the most part, I stayed a few feet behind Jason so that he wouldn't bop anyone else on the head. Fortunately it was overcast and not a lot of people were out.  I admit, I found the whole thing pretty funny.

After that, we drove over to B & H Photo.  Have you ever been to B & H?  We love the store, although it's chaotic.  One thing they are not lacking, though is salespeople.  No matter how packed the store is, you can always find someone knowledgeable to help you.  My favorite part of the store are the little baskets they put your stuff in, then the baskets are placed on conveyor belts that run along the ceiling and bring your purchases to the front of the store.

When we eat in the city, we usually like to have dinner somewhere, then walk around and then find some place for dessert.  We ended up heading toward the tunnel downtown and decided to stop at the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street for some birthday treats.

Lucky for us it drizzled on and off all day, mainly when we were inside.  On our way home, however, we were caught in crazy downpours, but we had a great day nonetheless!