Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Confessions

1.  I gave the girls NJASK sample tests this week. Homeschoolers are not required to test in NJ.  I am not a fan of the standardized testing.  It was sort of a spur of the moment decision, since the girls are getting bored since we have not been doing any school for three weeks.  I was interested to see how they would do when we have not given any thought to the test or prepared for it in any way.  They both did AWESOME!!!  They both got over 90% of the sample Language Arts questions correct and they scored very well in math as well!  I know these are just the "sample tests" and not the "real thing", but the questions should be indicative of what is on the test.  My girls achieved HIGH scores with no prep.

2.  My husband has been on the Shade Tree Commission in our town for 7 years.  This year he is the Chairman.  This means I get 3 or 4 calls a day asking me if the Recycling Center is open and when they will cut the grass on the Green and where people can get rain barrels.  None of these things fall under the category of Shade Tree Commission.  To say this irritates me 3-4 times a DAY is an understatement.

3.  When I was at Book Expo, my wonderful grandma watched my girls.  I love that she is such a big part of their lives.  I know that she is helping to shape my girls and form them into the women they will one day become.  Their memories and view of the world will include their great grandmother--that is awesome to me.  We gave the girls a camera to record their adventures with my grandma, the pictures in this post are all pictures that they took this week with my grandma.  Seriously.  They took every photo in this post.

4.  My aunt and uncle are coming today for a bbq.  We are making my Nauna's summer bbq recipes: spedini, lemon chicken and warm potato & green bean salad.  I love that my aunt and uncle are a big part of my girls' lives and that experiences like this are shaping my girls' view of life and their world, they know the kind of family that they come from.  It makes me very happy to have this kind of family and this kind of time with family.

5.  The girls are in charge of dessert today.  They spent the last two weeks poring over cookbooks, both from the library and our collection and came up with chocolate fondue.  After our homeschool party the other night, they decided to also make black bean brownies.

6.  We have spent the last three weeks reading and playing and having fun.  Next week we are supposed to start a low-key, laid-back approach to school.  My hope is that if I can get the hang of being low-key and get stuff done over the summer, that will translate into a more low-key year with less pressure on me to get it all done yesterday from September to June.  More time for friends & field trips without feeling guilty that math did not get done one day.

7.  We are doing Botany and Latin & Greek roots this summer, as well as Math and Daily Grams.  I ordered the Botany book over two weeks ago...the seller says she shipped it, yet I have not yet received it.  I called Amazon, but since the seller says she shipped it, we need to wait a little longer before they refund my card.  Feeling a wee bit frustrated.

8.  It's not really a confession, but this post on Raising Homemakers was excellent: Tell her, Mama.

I wish you all a wonderful
Memorial Day Weekend.

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