Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Confessions

This week there was a trip to the dentist.  
Both of my girls will eventually need braces.
I am on the fence of feeling relieved that we need to wait for some teeth to grow roots/come in before we can start and wanting to get the braces payments over with.

Reading on the deck :)
Quiet days spent at home reading are my absolute favorite!

Girls getting creative on their sewing machine.
This was completely A's idea.
She came in while I was doing yoga and asked if she could.
I was perturbed because I didn't want to interrupt my yoga routine,
but she said that she could do it all herself.

They took their favorite t-shirts that no longer fit them 
and stitched them up along the bottom to make purses.
(They proudly wore their purses when we went out to dinner :)

P created an obstacle course (which is why she is wearing a helmet):

The hubs surprised us with some Italian pastries,
and despite the fact that I am trying to watch what I eat, I
gladly dug in!

My post on Photo Collages was featured in the Fabulous Homeschoolers Daily List.
And my post Remarkable Journey was featured in The Principled Mother.  
I thought that was kinda cool.

There were two silly girls who were desperate for a pool,
but their daddy says there are too many trees in our yard,
so we have to be content with the swim club :(
So ~ these two homeschoolers created their own pool :)
using the top of their old playhouse
(in which they no longer can stand up, but won't let us put it at the curb with a FREE sign).
Some may say white trash, I say they are 9 & 11 and desperate for a pool.

On Thursday we headed to Princeton for our knitting group.
I love Princeton.
We lived in town and just outside town for years.
Even though Jason works at the University on a special project a couple of days a week now,
it's just not practical for us to live there due to his job and 
where he needs to be on different days of the week.

He happened to be at the University on Thursday.
It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to pack up a picnic & meet him at the University.

Which lead to attempting to take photos like this:

So much so that I am re-evaluating our laid back summer to include more knitting
(as well as all kinds of other cool Waldorf-y crafts that we learned about at knitting club!)

After knitting,
we joined several other families at an awesome local bakery,
(where I had a black iced coffee, thank you very much!).
The girls LOVED the refrigerator.
They are vowing to get one just like it when they move out and get their own homes.

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