Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Share or Not to Share

Before I get the post.  The girls and I went to see Judy Moody Not So Bummer Summer yesterday.  Both of my girls had read ALL of the books and ALL of the Stink books (mad props to Megan MacDonald!) so I knew that we would see this movie as soon as it came out.  We loved it!  My favorite part was that Urkel (from Family Matters) was the teacher.  The girls each wrote a review of the movie on their blogs:  P's blog: My Life & A's blog: Read This.

Ever since our girls were little they would start out in their own beds, but when we woke up in the morning, this is what we would find:
Five nights out of seven, they would climb into bed together sometime in the middle of the night.

Sometimes they do even start out sleeping together:

Now their bodies are getting too big for that.
Someone doesn't have covers.
Legs and arms are in the way.
But they still want to sleep together.

They have been BEGGING to share a room.

At first we said no,
they need their own space.
They need a place to get away from each other.
They are together all the time,
they need to have alone time, too.

But they kept begging to share a room.

We started to realize 
that they really are usually together playing

A think P is the cutest, funniest thing ever.
And P thinks whatever A is doing is cool and a great idea.

The other night,
I yelled at A because she took something of mine
without asking.
A got all dramatic.
P came to me and said,
"Please go a little easier on A, she loves you so much and she didn't mean to take it, she just didn't think to ask."

Since P was born, if I scolded her,
A would glare at me and demand,
"Don't let her cry!"

They keep begging to share a bedroom.

I am starting to get visions of using the other bedroom as a classroom.
The walls painted a nice, bright, cheery, sunny yellow.
Our TimeLine hung around the room.
Space to display projects and artwork.

We've decided on a temporary arrangement.
P has a trundle daybed.
We moved the trundle into A's room
just to see how it goes.
We want to give it at least two weeks before we move P's bed in
and start to think of this as a permanent arrangement.
This is in the middle of the shifting of bedrooms.
A still needed to put away her laundry.
I just realized that one blind is up and one down, my kids do this and makes me crazy.
I like the blinds to be even.
I'm controlling like that.

And before you ask,
I realize it would have made more sense to
have A sleep on the trundle in P's room.
But, A's room is more "teenager-y"
since we redid it last year.
And P's room is "too baby-ish".
This was what they said anyway.