Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - 2

In my life this week… Jason was away much of the week for work.  The girls were sick. When the girls were in school, I always did my BIG fall cleaning the week they went back and then treated myself to a trip to the Yankee Candle store for their fall fragrances.  Actually it all worked out well this week, since Jason was not home and the girls were sick there was no pressure to cook and I could clean as late as I wanted to.  Jason does not travel often for work and I tend to be a wimp about being alone at night in the house, so cleaning all day wiped me out so I was too tired to hear every little creak in the house!  

In our homeschool this week… We are using Real Science 4 Kids Biology, part of that is watching caterpillars turn to butterflies, we decided to do this earlier instead of later in hopes that we can actually release them...we will have to see how cool it is when they are ready to be released.  The caterpillars arrived this week and the girls spent plenty of time reading up on them.  We also read Beowulf and completed the second chapter in our new writing curriculum, as well as another chapter in math.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Since the girls were sick, I still had them do a little school work each day, mostly to relieve boredom.  But, if a math page had 20 problems, I may assign 5 and tell them to do 5 others of their choosing.  I love that we have this freedom with homeschooling and the girls were able to do some school work and also get the rest that they needed.  
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… On Monday (before they got sick) the girls went to a birthday party at my least favorite place on earth Chuckee Cheese.  They had an absolute blast.  It was the party of the century--the BEST Birthday party ever.  Of course, it was also the first time they ever had Chuckee Cheese all to themselves without having to elbow through crowds!

My favorite resource this week was… The connection my girls made between our Latin study and the CNN Tea Party debate.  A watched a good portion of the debate with me, something I am very proud of as I think it is important that as citizens, we stay involved and I hope that this experience will be something translates into later political involvement for A.  But, later in the week through our wonderful Latin study, Vocabulary Vine, we learned the roots "crat, cracy" which means governed or ruled by and that democracy means "ruled or governed by the people".  We  also learned that aristocracy means "ruled by the best" and theocracy means "ruled by God".  A made a connection between the televised debate and being governed by the people...P wanted to know why having an aristocracy would not be better (I then substituted 'rich or wealthy' for the literal translation of 'the best'.)  It was an interesting conversation.

Things I’m working on… Since the girls were sick with colds and fevers, we had to cancel piano lessons this week.  I was upset to have them miss a lesson so early on.  I was equally upset at how happy they were to miss the lesson.  They really have little interest in learning an instrument and I am struggling with my desire to have them learn vs. their desires.  

We're reading… I am still working on the Lisa Whelchel book.  I seriously was up until all hours cleaning.  It's how I do it.  It's how I do life.  Full steam ahead, don't stop til it's done.  I need to change that and live in the moment more.
A read Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter and Sundays at Tiffanys by James Patterson and is currently reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Anne Brashares.  At almost 12 she is venturing into YA books.  I never censored what she read before, but now I am selective about what I am allowing her to read in YA.  I am steering clear of anything related to body image, weight, beauty, horror, sex and drugs...if anyone has any recommendation...PLEASE let me know!  

P is still working on Liberty Porter: First Daughter by Julia DeVillers.
I’m cooking… Since Jason was not around and the girls were sick, I didn't do much cooking.  But I did make this wonderful pasta with arugula and goat cheese that was recommended by Christine at Fruit in Season on the evening before Jason left on his business trip.
I’m grateful for… prayer.  Always.  I am so grateful to have someone to turn to when I just have no clue what to do.  I am so grateful that in such a tumultuous political time we have the power of prayer.  I am grateful that when I just don't know what to do, I can pray.

This weekend... The girls are feeling better today, so we have decided to go to the mall, do some shopping, get my Yankee Candles and have lunch--a TOTAL Girls Day Out!  Then we are picking up Jason at the airport--yay!  Tomorrow I am working at the library and Sunday we are doing some projects around the house!

A photo, video, quote of link to share...  With Jason out of town this week, the girls and I enjoyed some awesome Girls' Nights In...we found THE PERFECT Girls Night In food choices to go with our chick flicks: sushi, organic edamame and popcorn...oh, and of course chocolate chocolate chip fro-yo!!