Friday, September 23, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - 3

In my life this week… I did some Christmas shopping (I like to be done by November and spend December enjoying the holiday season).

I have also been walking every morning, taking time to reflect and think about how I feel about things.  So often I feel like I am so busy going through the motions, doing what I think I should be doing that my life just leads me instead of me leading my life.  I want to change that.  I want to live intentionally and authentically.  I want to think about how I feel about things, what I believe and what I want, rather than trying to please someone else.  I want to take responsibility for why I feel a certain way and change it if it is not serving me.

In our homeschool this week…We learned about monks in history.  The girls couldn't believe that monks wrote books by hand!  we made our own Illuminated letters and ate a Monk's supper of lentil stew and brown bread.
In her writing program, Writing with Ease, P read the real Grimm's version of "Little Golden Hood" aka Little Red Riding Hood.  She adored the story so much that she went on line to find the real Brothers Grimm fairy tale books (not at all easy to find!).  I love that the girls are being exposed to classic children's stories and after seeing how these stories reel the girls in - I can see why they have stood the test of time!

We learned about cells in science.  Can I just tell you how much I am loving Real Science 4 Kids Biology!  We all love it.  In the middle of reading about cells, A wanted to know more about DNA.  Now, in school this would most likely have been brushed aside or answered quickly.  Not so in our homeschool.  I did a Google search and related what I read, then we did some searches on more kid-friendly sites.  Finally, we watched some awesome videos on cells on youtube.  And that was just our first day of studying cells!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…If your students ask a question, don't be afraid to stop what you are doing to do a Google search or look for videos on youtube!  That is when TRUE learning happens!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… The girls were back to choir this week.  We also went to hang out at homeschool soccer, the girls were not interested in playing but just liked being with all of their friends.  Also, our homeschool neighbors were over several afternoons :-)

the girls and the homeschool neighbors showing some BLING!
My favorite thing this week was…  getting my new cooktop installed!  Our old glasstop cooktop needed to be replaced.  We had opted to change from electric to gas...and then had a hard time finding a cooktop that fit.  FINALLY we found one that fit and that we LOVE!
Things I’m working on… For so long I have been too busy to really think about how I wanted to do things.  I just let my life lead me rather than me leading my life.  My morning walks and personal journaling have become a time of reflection and introspection that I am really enjoying.  
We're reading… 

I am reading Life is a Verb by Patti Digh as well as Kindred Spirits by Sarah Strohmeyer. 

P and I have been reading The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales together.  On her own, P is reading Liberty Porter: New Girl in Town by Julia DeVillers.

A has read several books by Julia DeVillers this week, including Times Squared and Trading Faces.  She is currently reading How My {Private, Personal} Journal Became a Best Seller.

{obviously my girls are in a Julia DeVillers phase!}
I’m cooking… Organic Chicken Sausage and Panzanella from the Ellie Krieger book I got at Book Expo--it was Amazing!     
I’m grateful for… Our homeschool neighbors.  Around the corner and down the block lives another homeschool family with two girls around my girls' ages.  Several afternoons a week they pop over to play.  My girls did not have this when they were in school.  Their afternoons were filled with homework and after school activities.  In many ways this freedom to play in the neighborhood is something that is lost in some towns and I am so glad that my girls are getting a taste of it-- playing with the neighborhood kids is one of the things I want them to remember about their childhood!  

This weekend I am looking forward to... 

celebrating the 18th anniversary of our first date with my hubbers by going out for tapas alone - NO KIDS! - this evening!

an American Girl doll craft day on Saturday at the craft store and our friend's birthday party on Sunday!
Today I am posting over at Three Thinking Mothers about our favorite educational apps and websites.  After leaving me a comment here (I LOVE COMMENTS!) please check out my post on Three Thinking Mothers.  

Have a Fantabulous Weekend!