Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Re-cap

I know that many of you are already in fall-mode.

But here in New Jersey, we homeschoolers are holding on to summer just as long as we can!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's summer-in-review posts last month
and I wanted to put one together myself!

Please bear with me, as I recall our fabulous, wonderful summer of 2011~

Botany study

Black Bean Brownies

 A day spent at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Grimaldi's for dinner and a walk around the Promenade.

The Fourth of July Boat Parade at the lake :)

Meeting other homeschoolers at the lake :)
Hanging with the Teachable Moments gang!
Learning History through our Fashion unit study

A making her own duvet cover!

Fun times

with Awesome friends

at the lake!!!  Can't wait to be able to do it again next year!!!!!!!


Brewery tours

Double fisting it on said brewery tour!
and turtles laying eggs in our fire pit

Tennis lessons

Fun with friends :)

Niagara Falls

Going under the falls

More Botany study

Girls who cook for their family...

Days at the beach

Glass Blowing

Celebrating Jason's 40th at the beach!

Vacation Bible School

A Hurricane

More fun with friends

Days spent beside our neighbor's pool!

And days spent at our Swim Club, where the girls play with friends and the hubs & I relive our youth!

I think we wrung every possible bit of awesomeness out of this summer!