Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winterizing Your Backyard and Gardens

Today I am pleased to have Christine Johnson of Elliman Prudential guest post about getting your yard and gardens ready for winter.

The winter can be hard on a home, and it can be even harder on a backyard. So many of the things that you have in the yard are exposed and vulnerable. They can be damaged by the cold, the snow, and the ice. If you do not take all of the right steps to keep everything safe and secure, you will run the risk of losing things or having them damaged beyond repair. The following are a few things that you should make sure that you do before the snow begins to fall this year.

Get Snow Fences For Your Trees 
If you have small tress and bushes that you are trying to grow in your yard, you need to put a snow fence around them so that they are protected. These long fences are usually composed of many different pieces that are attached together with ropes or cables. These can be rolled out around the trees and bushes, and they help to keep the snow from covering them too deeply. These are also good to have so that deer and other animals do not eat your trees if they are having a hard time finding food in the winter.  

Clear the Garden
Make sure the garden or plants are not susceptible to any falling branches or trees that could do major damage to the flowers or any other type of greenery.

Bring In All Deck Furniture 
You never want to leave your deck furniture out on your back deck or balcony (if you live in an NYC apartment rental) during the winter . If it is made of wicker or wood, it can rot and break. If it is made with cloth cushions, they can be completely ruined with mildew and mold. Even if you have metal furniture, the excessive and prolonged exposure to the snow can make it rust. Ice can cause it to crack. You need to bring all of these things inside. You at least need to store them in a shed. The cold will not do them as much harm as the snow and ice.

Drain The Pipes 
If you have a non-insulated shed that has running water - many people have these when they have pools or hot tubs in the yard - then you need to make sure that you drain the water out of the pipes. If you do not, the water will freeze and break the pipes. They can burst, flooding your shed. Even if a flood does not occur, the pipes will be broken and will not work the following year. It is very expensive to replace them, especially if they have broken in multiple places.

Mow The Lawn and Clean The Yard 
The last thing that you want to do is to mow the lawn and clean up any branches and other debris that may be in the yard. These things often accumulate during the summer. You may have a lot of leaves that have fallen in autumn. You need to get all of these things out of the way before they are covered in snow. Many people do not get rid of the leaves, thinking that they will just deteriorate, but the snow is actually in insulator. These people have rotting leaves in the spring.

***I was not compensated in any way for running this post, I was contacted and felt that it was important information that should be shared with my readers. ***