Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Fifties Girl
The Make-up Artist

The Poodle on A's skirt

Showing our homeschool neighbors the JibJab Halloween videos the girls made :)
That is Jason as a 
"Ten foot tall Avocado" lol.
That's his rap in the song ;-)

The whole crew ;-)

Getting some loot ;-)

Some of the neighbors really get into it...
decorate their garages,
have space heaters
hot cider
donuts :)

Then these two creepers creeped up on us ;-)
The creeper on the right was the BIGGEST kid, running from house to house
trick or treating ;-)

Some of our neighbors do cauldrons of "eyeballs"

They are liquid marbles.

More trickin' and treatin'

 I don't get this into it myself,
but I enjoy when other people do!
It definitely adds to the fun of the night!

 Then we went over to our homeschool neighbor's house
to go through the loot ;-)

As we walked around,
I realized that this may be the last year
that A wants to go WITH us.
That kind of made me sad.
I wondered how we would handle that.

I love Andrea's idea 
over at