Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend, Life Stuff & a Prayer Request

Jason and I had a wonderful weekend.  My parents took the girls to my niece's dance recital and kept them for the weekend.  Jason and I had time alone, we tried some different breweries and sampled their various craft beer.  We came home with a jug of Gose, something new to us that I really liked.

I am done Christmas shopping, but this weekend was Jason's opportunity to get some special things for the girls.

We had some awesome conversations where I think we are on the same page and this man gets me!

Then, on Monday night as we were going to pick up the girls at my parents' house, Jason asked how my day at work was.  It was a good day, not without its' frustrations, but it was good.  Jason also had a good day and got a lot done and felt good about it.

I told Jason about a conversation my boss and I had that day.  There are some children that come in to the library that act up, but we know which parents will address it with their kids and which won't.  It's irritating that some people don't tell their kids how to act appropriately, but you get to a point where you realize it does no good to even say anything to these parents.

My boss took it one step further and reiterated something I had felt when my girls were in school.  If teachers and administrators know that you are the kind of parent who wants to be involved, is interested and genuinely wants to work with the teacher, then they will sometimes make certain problems YOUR problems.  Case in point: when A was in school her third grade teacher emailed me about A giggling in class.  When I questioned A she said that a boy was talking to his pencil.  When I went back to the teacher she admitted that was true, but her feeling was that A's giggling encouraged him.  My feeling was that he needed to be told to stop, but the teacher admitted to me that she allowed the kids to talk while doing their work.  I found the whole thing annoying.  She knew I would tell A to stop giggling, or at least to try to stop. BUT it was too difficult for her to control her class to not allow them to talk AND she knew talking to the particular boy's parents would get her nowhere, so she came to me because she knew I would at least try.

Jason and I then talked about some of his frustrations at work.
Even though I feel frustration at work, with life sometimes, it upsets me that my husband does.  My husband does so much for our family to give us a good life and to make us happy and I want him to be happy too.

Jason is at meetings this week and I encouraged him to talk about some of these frustrations.
Please pray with me that he has the words and that the people that need to hear this are open and receptive.  Please pray with me that change or a solution can be reached.