Thursday, January 26, 2012

thankful thursday - the meeting Lisa & Aurie Edition

I have so much to be thankful for, that I don't know where to begin!

I am thankful for the opportunity to meet two awesome bloggers tomorrow!
We have emailed and chatted on the phone and tweeted and ... we live so close to each other and it is FINALLY happening!!!

I am thankful for my renewed interest in cooking dinner.
Pioneer Woman inspired me...then I went through my cookings magazines and ripped out recipes I wanted to try...and now I am a cooking dynamo!

I am thankful that I ate clean & healthfully every day the last two weeks!
I don't diet, but I try to eat right and I feel great after making good food choices the last two weeks.

I am thankful that I forced myself to find time for yoga everyday the last few weeks.
It makes SUCH a HUGE difference to me.
I feel content and balanced and happier and more energetic...
I am one of those people that can probably annoy someone when I start talking about how much I love yoga, so I will stop now.

I am thankful for my awesome, wonderful husband,
who always takes the time to play with our girls and make them feel special.

I am thankful that the Giants won the Playoffs-
what an AWESOME game!
and that my uncle will be coming to watch the Super Bowl with us!!!

I am thankful that the hubinator and I will be taking another vacation in just a few short weeks...

I am thankful for hubby's job and the opportunities there.

I am thankful for A's AMAZING gift as a writer!
I edited her Tikatok book with her--and let me say, the story captivated me!
She can't wait to let her grandmother read it!

I am thankful that I got home from work early one day last week and my mom had the girls,
so I was able to clean out their rooms and get plenty of bags ready for the Goodwill.
 I swear our house feels lighter when we do this!

I am thankful for our Read-Aloud time before bed every night.
We are currently reading
Mary Pope Osbourne's
Favorite Medieval Tales
it compliments our history book :-)

I am very thankful for wonderful books like
Number the Stars
and time spent reading them with my girls,
talking and answering questions.

I am thankful to be the person that answers my girls' questions
about such things as the Holocaust, the Great Depression and other tough issues.