Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Roof Edition!

Now that I have been writing a Thankful Thursday post
for three months,
I must say that it has not only become a part of my life,
BUT it has changed the way I look at life.
I am now conscious of being thankful ALL THE TIME.

I am so thankful that we got temperatures in the 60s this week and our roof is DONE!

I am so thankful that it has been such a mild winter and not a lot of snow or rain before we got the roof done.
I really do feel like God gave us mild weather because He loves me,
is that a little self-centered?

I am thankful just to KNOW that our roof is in great shape.

The roofers told us that our sheathing is the best money can buy - I am pretty thankful to know that as well!
Definite peace of mind.

I am thankful that we are forecasted to have temps in the 50s and high 40s for the next those shingles can SEAL!

I am also thankful for:
warm socks
this new rich nightcream that I got (ahem..closing in on 40!)
good books
a husband who made me tea and soup when I was sick earlier this week
a husband who cleaned the ENTIRE house and did laundry while I was at work last weekend
a date night with the husband
parents who watch my girls for an overnight
seared tuna
The Waltons
the Giants
meeting blog friends who become real life friends :)