Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Blues

It's birthday week around here.  Piper and I both celebrate our birthdays this week.

I am a planner.  We planned to do lots of fun, celebratory stuff this week.
birthday balloons courtesy of my coworker extraordinaire, CKG!

We have plans:

  • to see the Lorax with friends
  • to go to a park with friends
  • to go to the beach and check out tidal pools with friends
  • to go out for a nice dinner as a family
  • to hang out with my niece
  • my mom's gift to the girls for their birthdays is a shopping spree and lunch out at a restaurant of their choice
  • P chose my dad's "famous" mac and cheese as her birthday dinner & dinner at mama & poppy's on her birthday
Unfortunately, we are all under the weather.  I was really trying to hang on to the idea that it was allergies, that with the mild winter and the 60-70 degree averages here in March, things were blooming early and our allergies were kicking in early.  We did all start taking our allergy meds over the weekend.  But, our symptoms got worse and not better ... and now I think it is safe to say we have cold.Unfortunately being sick for these early March birthdays is not that uncommon around here.  I remember the year Piper turned three, she had a stomach virus and we had birthday Jell-o, candles and everything!
yes, i used lime instead of lemon in our hot toddies

Sure, there is some disappointment.

But, we can do everything we planned to do this week once we are all feeling better.

Until then, we are determined to make the best of it.  It's what I try to teach the girls (and myself!).

Until then, we can enjoy:
  • cuddling together in my bed
  • reading together in my bed
  • watching Netflix on demand all day long in my bed 
  • watching TV during the day (normally we don't allow TV until after dinner)
  • playing on the internet on the laptop and/or the ipad
  • texting to each other on ipods and ipads (normally I disdain texting when you are in the room with someone, but this seems fun for a sick day; none of us talk, we just all text each other)
  • playing Mad Libs in bed
  • practicing our knitting and crocheting skills together
  • playing Hangman
  • enjoying phone calls from friends who tell us they won't be heading to the park or the beach or to see the Lorax or Arrietty until we feel better enough to join them
Allie is really enjoying reading The Diary of Anne Frank

Until, then, as crazy as it sounds, I really am enjoying cuddling next to these warm bodies, who very soon won't be small enough for me to cuddle with.

I am enjoying having the excuse of sinusitis to keep me in bed with an excellent book!  A day spent in bed with a book is really like paradise for me!  I am reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and LOVING it!

I am enjoying dozing when my eyes get tired from reading.

I am enjoying finding time for all those little "quiet" things that I never make time to do, like help the girls learn to "pick up stitches" in their knitting.

I have downloaded Darren Rowse's 31 Days to Building a Better Blog and spent time working on my elevator pitch, something I just never made time for, but am determined to stick with!