Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Piper sang in church with choir.

We went for a family nature walk.
The first time I had to convince them to walk on the log.
They were not too sure about the idea.

Once they did it, they could not get enough of it.

We saw snakes in piles of leaves.
Turtles sunning themselves on logs in the water.
We took tons and tons of photos.
This is who we are.
Some families spend their weekends at the sports fields,
we spend ours finding photo opps and enjoying nature.

Then we came home and The Hubinator and I enjoyed a beer on the deck.
We talked about our life.
Would we rather have a lot of money, but work crazy hours, be stressed and not spend time together,
or would we rather just have enough money to live comfortably and enjoy our lives?

We had also found this deer skull on our nature walk.
We have been studying it and identifying all the bones and areas.
Isn't that homeschool-y of us?

This is what The Hubinator is reading.
Clearly, we know which of us challenges themselves more intellectually.
Secretly, I am hoping The Hubinator will go all vegetarian on me after reading this.

Later we shared this beer.

It's what we do.