Saturday, April 21, 2012


...such an ugly little word.  When you hear it, the world drops away from your feet for a second.  Your pulse begins to race.  Your heart may skip a beat.  You may loose focus for a second.  Your palms may sweat.  Panic and fear may grip you.

Cancer took my grandfather and my mother-in-law.  It claimed the lives of many of my father's childhood friends, men who were like uncles to me.  My mother has been through breast cancer twice.  Right now several of my friends are battling breast cancer.  Two of my cousins were diagnosed within the last year.

On Thursday I went for a routine, annual mammogram, on my way out the door, as Piper kissed me good-bye she grabbed my boob "to give me a head start".  We laughed.  I was thankful for that moment through the entire mammogram.  I kept thinking about my funny girl instead of the mammogram--routine and annual, no need for real concern.  But when you are there, it's hard not to think about the possibilities, what the screening is send up a silent prayer.

I saw this sign on the wall:

Jason's stepfather has been in poor health for years.  We knew that recently he was struggling to breathe and having a hard time eating.  He had gone to the doctor and had blood work done, an endoscopy, was prescribed more acid reducers.  I asked for prayers on Twitter.  My father-in-law was sent for more tests.  He still wasn't feeling well.

On Thursday evening, we found out that he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

I am still struggling to process this.  To support my husband in the way that he needs me to support him, to support his stepfather the way that he needs to be supported and to just figure out how to do all of that and deal with this.

Your prayers are appreciated for my father-in-law, Richard.

Thank you.