Monday, May 21, 2012

Venus Embrace - My Baby is Shaving Her Legs!

I remember when my girls were babies and it felt like the diaper and the waking up in the middle of the night stages would last FOREVER.  I remember women in the supermarket telling me to enjoy it--it would go fast and be gone soon!  I remember thinking I would trade places with them for a decent night's sleep.  I feel like I blinked my eyes and here I am talking to Allie about make-up and shaving and puberty.  It's crazy!

On the one hand, I wish we could go back in time so she could just be my little peanut forever. On the other hand, I realize that I need to talk to her about these things, and I need to keep the lines of communication open and make her feel comfortable talking to me about these things. I would rather she get this information from me than from TV or magazines or worse, other uninformed or misinformed kids!

At the end of last summer, Allie asked if she could shave her legs. I said a silent prayer and asked her to hold off until next summer - this summer!

After our mild winter, we are experiencing 80 and 90 degree days this spring, and Allie has already started wearing shorts. We had the "leg shaving" discussion again. I promised to buy her a razor and some shave gel. I was very excited to hear about a new razor FOR NEW SHAVERS.
I was very impressed with the design of the razor. There is a nice, cushiony edging around the razor.
The head gently pivots to conform to the shape of the leg. You can buy interchangeable blades for the Venus Embrace. Allie and I talked about how often to change the blades and how to know when the blade is dull.
Allie loves the fresh, clean, fruity scent of the Satin Care Passionista Fruit shave gel. This left her legs feeling soft and silky and really helped the razor glide over her skin. I told Allie how important it is to shave wet legs and to use a shave gel to avoid razor burn. We both really loved the sparkling scent of the Passionista Fruit shave gel!
The razor has five blades for extra smooth precision and a nice, close shave; there is a moisture strip that really helps the razor to glide smoothly over skin (this is important to me as I don't want Allie to cut herself!) and a smooth grip handle so it won't slip out of your hands in shower.
Allie was a little nervous about using the razor and possibly cutting herself. So I did the first few swipes, and then she saw how gentle the razor was and took over. At one point, she went to use her finger to clean hairs out of the blade and I warned her against doing that - I was glad to tell her of my mistakes--cuts and fingernails that got caught between the blades and shredded.

She was surprised at how easy the whole process was! The razor glided over her skin and contoured to her skin in a way I never saw before--allowing for a gentle, but thorough, smooth shave!
When we were done,
Allie loved how silky and smooth her legs felt!

We decided the best way to show off a great pair of legs is with a great pedicure! So to celebrate this milestone in Allie's life, I took the girls for mani/pedis :)

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