Monday, June 18, 2012

Selling Curriculum on Amazon

Every homeschool mom has her opinion on where and how to get rid of curriculum you don't need.

I have tried message boards and forums;
I have given some away.

Recently I tried Amazon and found this to be the simplest way of purging some of our curriculum.

If you are interested in trying selling on Amazon, just go to the bottom of the main page...

where you will find: Sell on Amazon.
Click that.

It will take you to this screen.
If you have not sold on Amazon before, click Start Selling.
If you will just be getting rid of some curriculum, you probably don't need the professional account.
Yes, Amazon charges a fee, but they handle collecting payment, you don't need to keep making sure your items are at the top of the queu, your items will stay for sale until they are sold without you having to keep checking in and updating.  In short, you can post items for sale and forget about them.

Once you click on "Start Selling" will walk through several of which is method of payment.  You have the option of direct deposit or a mailed check.

Once you are done setting up your account...

Click: Sign Into Your Seller Account

When you set up your seller account, you can use the same login information that you used for your buying account :-)

Next, you will see this screen, you want to click on Add Product.

You have your option of using a title, upc, asin, isbn, etc.

Piper just finished Math U See Delta, she knows her division well and I no longer need this curriculum.
So, I type in Math U See...and all of these options come up.
Be careful to make sure you select the EXACT item you have to sell.

Click on the Sell Yours button to the right of your product.

You will get to this screen. 

You will need to make a decision about the condition.

Once you enter the condition, Amazon will tell you what that product in that curriculum is listed as and you can decide what you want to charge

Next, you will enter Shipping Information.
This is the part that bothers me.  It has cost me a lot LESS and a lot MORE than $3.99 to ship things, so I guess it equals out.

 Once you have entered everything, you will click Save and Finish :)

That will bring you to this screen, where you can see your inventory, manage prices, etc.

Amazon charges a 22% commission rate.  Some people object to that and wouldn't want to sell on Amazon because of that, for me, the ease of this is worth it.  I don't need to make sure that my items stay listed, I don't need to re-list or make them go to the top of the queue.  Amazon takes care of the payment and just transfers the money into my account.  All I have to do is list it and bring it to the post office.  It's so simple.  I can list and forget about it until I get the email that it has been sold!