Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday - My Niece, BlogHer & Camping Edition

As always, making a list of the things that I am grateful for helps me gain perspective in a busy, often stressful world.  This week, I am thankful for:

great conversations about books & cameras & photography with my beautiful niece
who is graduating from high school next week and on her way to art school :)
Someday you will see her photos in a magazine!!

plans to go camping this weekend with our homeschool neighbors;
actually our dog can't go and we don't want to impose on the neighbors so I will be staying home and having some homeschool mom friends over Friday night, then driving down to the campground for the day Saturday and then driving back home Saturday night to be with Oliver the Homeschool Dog

my homeschool mom friends

being asked to join a co-op for next year & being invited to planning sessions

ricotta on toast
I grew up eating this and never thought to make it for the girls until this week, now they beg for it :)

BlogHer spotlighting my post on Respect :)

As much as I love homeschooling my girls, I am thankful to be almost done with our math and history curriculums because we have a slew of home improvement projects that we want to tackle this summer!

I am thankful for my husband who works really hard and STILL finds time to come home and help me with a big project I have begun...and I am REALLY thankful for how everything is falling into place and things that I NEVER thought would work out are just working out so smoothly :)

I am also thankful for my parents, who are celebrating their 43rd Wedding Anniversary today!!
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

So, I challenge you:
What are you thankful for this week?
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