Monday, January 7, 2013

Make Breakfast Like an Italian Grandmother

When Jason was home for six weeks, he baked a lot of bread.

We got to indulge in a very simple, old-world, peasant breakfast that my Naunie used to make.
(Nonna is traditional Italian for Grandma, but somehow we deviated and I called my grandmother Naunie).

First, take a heel of Italian or french bread and leave it out overnight so it gets hard.

Now, slice it up.

 Cut it into chunks.

Add a teaspoon of sugar.
I know, I know...we don't eat sugar anymore.
But Italian grandmothers do, they will tell you, "Bah, there is nothing wrong with sugar, you young people!"  So, add the damn sugar.

Then pour in some milk.
Now, me, I like the milk warmed up.
But Jason and the girls prefer it cold.
Take your pick.
And feel free to use good old-fashioned WHOLE milk...that is what my Naunie would do...

Now let the bread soak up the milk a little.
Check some e-mail or do the dishes or something.

When the bread has soaked up the milk...Enjoy this old-world "peasant" breakfast.
Nothing like it.

!Avere una buona giornata!