Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday - April 4

Aurie encouraged us to think of all we have to be grateful for and to absorb all the good positive energy from all we have.  After reading her post, I was inspired to write a Thankful Thursday post.

1.  That Lisa has kept Thankful Thursday going!

2.  Finding a good book to read--I love to read and I get a little anxious if I don't have a book
that I am really into.  Lately, I have been reading so many great books, but then suddenly I couldn't get into anything.  Don't you hate that?  Finally, finally, found something good!
I should always remember that I can rely on Elizabeth Berg like an old friend!
My sweet girl

3.  I am so, so thankful for my friends this week--
friends who listened to my concerns about something, understood
and helped me navigate this world of raising girls.

4.  Eating good & exercising every day this week--
I went shopping for an Easter outfit last weekend and realized that although all the snacks
I eat are "healthy" it's not working to eat snacks!
I am also trying to up my water intake every day!
Allie is such a great big sister!

5.  Sublingual allergy drops--
I think they are really working!

6.  Being about to stay home with my girls--
I love being their mom and I tell them that every.single.night.
Love it!
LOVE these girls!

7.  Homeschooling--
We are entering a more interest-led phase and it's pretty amazing to see my girls take off like this!

8.  Our homeschool co-op--
We have co-op tomorrow and I get to hang out with the moms and my girls get to hang out with the kids and I can't wait!!

9.  My husband volunteering for different organizations--
it makes him feel good, like he is helping out, like he has a say in how things progress within his industry or at a garden or within our town.  He always comes home all pumped up!

10.  Yoga--
I love, love, love yoga, I breathe better when I practice often
and I found a great new yoga videos on line
(I can't add one more "have to be there at such and such time" thing to my schedule so online works for me!)  Check my Tabs for some great links!
the best egg

11.  Getting a lot done this week--
it was a good week, we were on top of our game in school and I got a lot of spring cleaning and spring planting done at home!

12.  All of the 7 Cool Homeschoolers working so hard on their videos!

12.  Last but definitely not least...
I am very grateful for a wonderful Easter with family & friends
& a Savior who died for our sins.
My brother and his punk rock egg

His sweet little girls copied her dad and made a similar egg :)

all the girls hard at work decorating eggs together

I am really, really thankful for my mom,
who has always been there for me,
always listens to me,
is there for my girls & Jason
and is just an awesome, super-duper person!
Today is her 70th Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
We ALL love you!!