Sunday, June 16, 2013

Link Love

I have seen other bloggers do this and I think it is so neat.
I have been keeping track of posts and things I see around the internet that inspire me or resonate with me or I just like.

How Rock n' Roll Can Explain The Economy--this was an interesting, simple way to look at and explain the changes in our society, technology and our economy and how they relate to one another.

.Breaking the Silence. -  I am so inspired by Tiffani.  She and her husband have adopted two boys - one with special needs and one a teenager - from Africa.  I just love what she wrote about growing in her faith:  Jim and I are pouring through the book of Luke, and we are learning so very much about the posture of our Jesus. He was such a renegade! As I read the stuff that He did, and how He was accused of being a drunk and a party animal and a friend of sinners, because of His lifestyle, I am so struck by how the churches I come from would react to Him today. A lot of the stuff I was taught before is being questioned as we read this book with fresh eyes. I am desperate to get rid of the Pharisaical practices that permeated so much of my church experiences. It is exciting. It is freeing. So here we are, together in this adventure, following Jesus, trusting Him inside of the chaos. And He is truly right here.

A Barefoot Day - I LOVE Meg's blog.  She is a young mom who just loves being a mom.  She does share the harder moments but she is so genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be a mom and a stay at home mom and I ALWAYS leave her blog feeling GOOD and HAPPY. 

15 Einstein Quotes About Education - when I think this homeschool thing is too hard or worry my kids are not getting what they need, a quote from Einstein usually reminds me why I do this.  Such wisdom.