Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7 Cool Homeschoolers: Morning Routine!

My girls love youtube.  They have been inspired to build gerbil houses and make their own cosmetics on youtube, they have been inspired by kids who are philanthropic or entrepreneurial, they have learned about makeup techniques and fashion tips.  We limit their screen time, but when they are allowed screens, I really don't mind them watching youtube.

Both of my girls LOVE all of the channels of 7 kids who each post once a week...7SuperGirls, 7SuperKids, etc.  Piper got the idea to start a channel of Homeschoolers.  With the exception of posting on my blog that we were looking for kids to post videos once a week and my help in creating the avatar and graphics for the youtube site, Piper is completely in charge of this.  She handles all of the correspondence with the moms and the girls and she handles all of the scheduling and issues.  Some of the moms email me questions or talk among themselves about things, and I just forward their questions to Piper.  When someone has a question, if Piper doesn't know the answer, she will research it and get back to them.  She takes this very seriously and we are very proud of her for that.  I have always thought that kids can handle a lot more than we give them credit for...we just need to give them an opportunity!

Each week the girls have a different theme to post on.  This week's theme was: Morning Routine.

Piper's video:

Allie's video: