Monday, July 8, 2013

Tea Kettle Studios

When I was in college, I hung out with this group: Sean, Lee, Sian, Jen, Deb, the other Deb...there was a whole bunch of us.  We hung out in dorm rooms and off-campus housing.  We went to the same parties.  We talked late into the night or early morning hours about ideas and society and we solved the problems of the world.  We learned to drink together and we made mistakes together.  We even spent holidays off campus together--well, New Year's.  It was great fun with awesome people and we all cherish those memories.

After we graduated, some people moved to the city or Philly or went to grad school or law school.  Life got busy and though we talked on the phone or emailed (which was still kind of new at the time), we didn't see each other the way we had when we were all going to the same college every day, in the same classes, living in the same apartments.

Eric, Eric's grandma and Deb :)

My brother and I went to Catholic school through 8th grade.  When we started public high school, the first friend my brother made was Eric.  They were inseparable and Eric was always over our house.  I thought of him as another brother (still do!).

 In 1995, when I was newly graduated from college and working, my brother and Eric were still in college and were working at a frame shop in the mall.  And, unbeknownst to me, Eric began dating my college friend Deb.

Small world.

Fast forward 18 years (18? 18! I think I had a little heart palpitation at realizing it was 18 years ago!) and Eric and Deb have been married for years, have an adorable son and live a few miles away from us!

Even though they live only a few miles away, seeing each other has been sporadic.  Everyone gets busy with life.  Deb and Eric and their son came to see Piper sing at Rutgers Day this year and that really, really touched me.

Since then, Jason has stopped over there to help them with something and Eric has been giving Jason guitar lessons.  Deb and I have discussed books and crafts and motherhood and work and college memories on facebook and we are all looking forward to getting together for a barbecue in a couple of weeks!

Deb shared her etsy site with me and I was blown away.  She is an AMAZING artist!  She sells cards and watercolor paintings on etsy.   I love her work!  Each card is an individual piece of art and no two are alike.

I have put a button in my sidebar with a link to her etsy site.
I hope you will think of her next time you need a card or a gift.