Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Conscious Decision

I am such an all or nothing person.  I either put my whole self into something, heart and soul, 150% or I just...don't and it fizzles.

I started blogging more than three years ago, when we were making the decision to homeschool.  Over the last three years, I have made connections and real friendships and been inspired and encouraged.  I fell in love with blogging, with the connections, the friendships...being able to share my story, my life and our journey as a homeschool family.  Blogging has introduced me to friends all around the world and that has been awesome!

I have been blogging THE ENTIRE TIME we have been homeschooling and I am wondering what our year would be like if I didn't blog.  I am wondering how I would fill that time and what I might learn and experience in the process.  I am wondering if NOT blogging would enhance our homeschool or hinder it.  I am wondering what not thinking: "Oh, I can share this" will mean for our homeschool experience.  I am wondering how not being influenced by what everyone else is doing will change our learning.  Who knows?  It may be a disaster and I will be back to blogging and reading blogs in a few weeks...or it may open up new doors for our family...I won't know unless I try, right?

For the last few months, I have been telling myself that I will post less often, but I don't because of my whole 'all or nothing" personality.  I need to make a statement and pull the plug and put it in writing.

The girls and I have been working through Story of the World Volume 4 all summer and we have a few chapters to go.  We are headed out to California this fall and my hope is that we will finish Story of the World 4, go out to California for a couple weeks and then start our "new year" with some new curriculum and new projects and new outside classes when we return...and I am planning to not blog this year.  I may post a few more times before we start our new school year and I may pop in once in a while during the school year if I have something I really want to share...but otherwise I am making a conscious decision to spend my time in other ways this year.  

But this is NOT Good-bye...
I do plan to use Instagram (quick & easy!), so please feel free to follow me on there!