Thursday, August 29, 2013

Laugh Factory Library Program

Over the summer, I realized that the K-3rd graders in my program LOVE to tell jokes and funny stories, so I decided to create a fall program with that in mind!

Silly Story - In the past in my programs, we have used the whiteboard to write silly stories together and the kids love it!  This time, I am going to either copy the story from the whiteboard to a notebook or laptop and print out a copy of each for each child, our last session we will bind them into a book and illustrate some of them. (10 minutes)

Mad Libs - I also plan to print out Mad Libs from this site or this site or this site.  We will probably complete a couple each week. (10 minutes)

Stand-up - the library has A LOT of joke and riddle books.  I will hand them out and give the kids some time to look through and find a few to share with the group.  After everyone has found a few, we will take turns standing in front of the group and sharing the funny jokes we found. (15 minutes)

Projects - We are not going to make a craft EVERY SINGLE WEEK, but we will make some crafts.

Tricks - We have a lot of trick and magic books at the library, I plan to practice some and teach the kids how to do them.

Week 1 - Talk about the program, ask them what they would like to do in the program; Mad Libs; Silly Stories; Stand Up; Tricks from Coin Fun and Card Trick Fun.
Week 2 - Silly Stories; Stand-up; Mad Libs; Hidden Pictures and Printable Mazes; Practice a trick to teach them.
Week 3 - Make Silly Disguises; Silly Story; Stand-up; Mad Libs
Week 4 - Silly Stories; Mad Libs; Stand-up; Practice a trick to share; Read Wacky Wednesday and challenge them to find everything wrong.
Week 5 - Make Slime - I have done this before and it IS SO COOL!  Silly Story; Stand-up
Week 6 - Silly Stories; Mad Libs; Stand-up; Practice a Trick to share; Play Stone Face (game)
Week 7 - make magic Wallets; Silly Story; Stand-up
Week 8 - Silly Story; Stand-up; Mad-libs; Practice a trick to share; Mr. & Mrs. Chin but we will use sticker or google eyes
Week 9 - Bind the Silly Stories book and illustrate some of them.  Include a page or two of some of the best jokes.