Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Really Want for My Birthday

This week is Birthday Week around here.  Both Piper and I celebrate our birthdays this week.

Everyone keeps asking me what I want.

I have tried to come up with something.  But honestly, I have a closetful of shoes, drawers filled with clothes, a box filled with jewelry.  I have a nice camera and my own laptop and probably more devices than I really need or even, if I am honest, want to absorb myself in.  We are planning several trips and a kitchen remodel.

But what I really want are things that money can't buy.

I want to not worry.

I want calories and fat grams not to matter.

I want our government to stop subsidizing Monsanto, to stop allowing GMOs.

I want to not be concerned that our food is making us sick.

I want more organic farms nearby and either farms subsidies to end or organic farmers to be able to get some farm subsidies.

I want to not worry that lobbyists are taking over our government.

I want our politicians to do what is best for the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES, not their own ego or reputation or career or bank account.

I want more job creation of BETTER PAYING jobs.

I want poverty to end.

I want people to feel good about themselves, take pride in themselves and be nice to other people.

I want the polarization of politics in the United States to end and everyone to work together and not be at each other's throats.

I want all animals to find loving homes.

I want an end to dog fighting and puppy mills.

I want to NOT be allergic to dogs so we can hear the tapping of toenails on hardwood, look into soulful eyes and know we are loved unconditionally.

I want there to be no need for war.

I want everyone to value the beauty of God's creation from Canada to Mexico and to leave the ecosystem alone.

I want corporations to value the environment more than their bottom line.

I want everyone to be able to love whomever they love and be able to peacefully and happily share their life with that person or those people and have everyone accept that.

I want to believe that my girls will have more opportunities than I did.

I want to believe that my girls will be able to afford to be stay at home moms if they choose.

I want to be able to be a stay at home mom without feeling guilty or that I am not living up to some ideal.

I want to know we will be okay in retirement.

I want to not worry that one of us will get sick.

I want there to be a cure for cancer as simple as taking a vitamin.

I want terminal illness to not exist.

I want to feel confident that we have a health care system that if we do get sick we will be able to get treatment without losing everything we have worked for.

I want people to stop profiting from other people's illnesses.

I want the free market to be about bettering society and not padding pocketbooks.