Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Out

For much of my life, I tried to change who I was.  I wanted to be less introverted, more social, less quiet, more daring, etc.

But, around the time I turned 40, I came to realize that I am who I am.  I can try to make myself an extrovert, I can try to love big groups and parties and social things, I can try to enjoy being on the go more, traveling, etc.  But, the bottom line was that try as I might, I still am who I am.

I like quiet.  I can't think when it's loud.

I like less stuff.  I can't think when it's cluttered.

I would rather a one-on-one conversation than being part of a big group.

I prefer to stay home rather than be out and about.  I hate having a ton of things to do.  Being pulled in many directions stresses me out.

I commit to very little and make excuses to stay home.

I have to force myself to go places.  I want to force myself to go places just so that my girls have the experiences.  I could easily stay home and we have been lately.  We were in a rut.

Our neighbors - with whom we are actually pretty close - put in a pool last summer.  It can get loud.  Thankfully, they are very respectful and end the noise usually by 9pm.  We have an open invitation to use the pool, but we don't want to intrude or impose, although they often invite us over for a beer and dip in the pool.  Or dinner.  Or just to hang out.

Sometimes it gets loud over there.  The pool is 35 feet from my living room/bedroom (I did measure...shhhh!).

I can't think with noise and it was really bothering me that I had to hear it.  We  I was thinking about moving (Jason said he would go along with it if it was what I wanted, but he thought it was a silly reason to move because no situation is perfect; of course, he is right.)

I signed up for an Energy Workshop at the library.  It's been an amazing experience.  I had taken Chi Gong classes before, but never in conjunction with a class on Chinese medicine and meridians and in order to keep myself healthy.  It is fascinating and has opened my mind and eyes to so much!

I signed up for a Zumba class.  Some friends had been after me for years to join them in class and I just like to get my pajamas on and read.  But since I can't concentrate on a book when the neighbor kids are screaming, I signed up for Zumba.  It's been really fun.