Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 ~ 2015 Schedule

Our schedule tends to be a little different from other homeschool families in that I work two days a week.  This year, the girls are volunteering at the library where I work on one of the days that I work. They will also do their "workbook work" on the days I work.

Monday - I work a full day

Girls volunteer for 2 hours
Teaching Textbooks
Reading Detective
Balance Benders/Mind Benders/Think Analogies

Tuesday - I work from 1-5pm

Morning: go over Current Events, Vocabulary, Writing Strands, History together
Afternoon (while I am at work):  girls work independently on Teaching Textbooks, Reading Detective, Balance Benders/Mind Benders/Think Analogies, Vocabulary, Writing Strands and possibly History
*The girls also have the option of going to a Homeschool Hangout with a friend on Tuesdays, but are still responsible for getting their "work" done

Wednesday - e-cubed, teen-led learning; I often run errands while they are doing this

e-cubed is basically all day, but the girls usually still do Teaching Textbooks that day and any reading for History
Film Study/Analysis in the evening together

Thursday - wheel throwing pottery in the late afternoon

Morning: go over Current Events, Vocabulary, Writing Strands, History, Film Analysis from night before, anything that they are confused about
Girls work on assignments in afternoon

Friday - Art class in early afternoon

Morning: go over Current Events, Vocabulary, Writing Strands, History and anything that they are confused about from current week and assignments for next week and make sure they are clear on them

Unfortunately, what bugs me is that I would like one completely free day to go on field trips or have playdates.  This is always my dilemma with working.  If I didn't work, we would have that time.  But my girls do get a lot done when I am at work.  Both the pottery and art classes are only for 8 and 14 weeks respectively, so after that we may take a break from one or both to give ourselves that "free day" to either stay home in our pajamas or to have friends over or to go on a field trip.  Of course, there are always weekends, too, for field trips and friends :)

Also, once Allie turns 15 in November, she is excited to start volunteering at Children's Specialized Hospital and we will have to figure out a time for that.