Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Curriculum 2014 ~ 2015 (7th & 9th grades)


Language Arts


Additional writing projects in history, science, film study, etc.




American Chemical Society Middle School Chemistry
Monthly Science Experiments and Lab Reports
Science Research paper February 2015
classes & family membership at Liberty Science Center
Faraday Lectures at Rutgers
Watch & discuss documentaries - Gasland
Crash Course Chemistry - watch video on Tuesday that goes with our ACS Chemistry study for the week, watch again Wednesday and create notebook page


Ancient History Project
Medieval History
Renaissance History

World Language

Rosetta Stone Italian Level 1

Logic/Puzzles/Brain Teasers


Film Study

Yale Film Study (online film analysis study guide)

Studio Art

various projects, learning about modern artists such as James Rizzi and Ton Schulten
Pottery Class at Princeton Council for the Arts
Art journaling class every other Thursday 

Other Activities

Girls run a dog walking business and are responsible for walking several neighborhood dogs every week.

Writing/Art Journaling Club every other Thursday

e-Cubed - Allie every Wednesday; Piper every Wednesday beginning March 25, 2015

Pottery class (Piper)

Homeschool Ski and Snowboard Club (Allie)