Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year, New Blog

Originally I started to blog just to keep family and friends informed on what was going on in our little family.  Over the years, that grew and I enjoyed many, many wonderful opportunities to review products, write for different publications, network with other bloggers, promote products and yes, make money.

As my girls are getting older, they were getting more and more uncomfortable with my sharing so much online and I completely respect that, so I pulled back.  Also, since I had been blogging since BEFORE we homeschooled, every decision I made about homeschooling had been influenced in one way or another by the blog world and so I stopped blogging and reading blogs for a year, so I could see what it was like when I wasn't influenced by other bloggers in our homeschool.  

We have some family and friends, near and far, who like to know what the girls are up to and blogging really does seem to be a good way to keep in touch.  Phone conversations often tend to be about more immediate things, not so much what we are learning in history or math or science.  Even in person it's easy to start talking about our history study and end up discussing the merits of my Naunie's gravy.  So, I have decided to keep blogging, but on a smaller scale, just for family and friends.  Although the blog will be public, I am only sharing it with people that we actually know or have made a real connection with in real life.