Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changing it up!

We have changed things up.

I thought I had our year all figured out. 

I was about to get on Currclick and buy some lap books for science and an idea struck me to show the girls the website and see what they wanted.  I thought they would pick science.  But they found a lot of stuff they wanted.  So, everything has changed.  And I am happy about it.

Allie's Choices

Allie will also study for her driving permit (driver's ed - half credit).

She is also running the Literacy Circle at e3 and will pick the books, read the books, come up with discussion questions and lead the discussion.  I am counting this as her Lit component and participation in this as Piper's Lit component this year.

Piper's Choices

Together we are going to do Artist's Way for writing for the beginning of the year (I am SO excited about this!), we will fill in any gaps on our graphs of the Presidential candidates and keep up with news stories about the candidates and work on selecting who we like best for the next President, we will also finish Word Up vocab and work on a Personal Finance program that I designed for the girls.

Our Schedule

**This is what I THINK our schedule will look like, it may change as we find what works and what doesn't work.


Mom works all day.  Each girl does three pages of freewriting (Artist's Way) and one page of Math and works on their independent projects that they chose from Currclick.  The girls always have chores on Mondays like cleaning the bathroom, washing floors, dusting, etc. and one girl makes dinner on Monday and one on Tuesday.


Mom works in the afternoon.  We will meet in the morning to do our freewriting (or they may do it in their beds), Word Up vocab, Presidential Politics and Personal Finance and anything else that I think we should do together.  We will also discuss how they are doing on their independent studies.  The girls will do math and their independent studies in the afternoon when I am at work.  One girl will make dinner.


We have e3 all day.  The girls will each do their freewriting and a page of math.

Thursday & Friday

We might do our freewriting together or independently while still lying in bed.  I will meet in the morning to do vocab, check out the headlines for the presidential candidates, work on our personal finance program and discuss the girls progress on their independent studies.  The girls will work on math and independent studies in the afternoon.

**I have been asked a lot what Artist's Way is.  The premise is that God wants us to be creative, but the world puts obstacles in our way.  The author, Julia Cameron, lays out a twelve week plan to tap those creative juices and keep them flowing.  This initially started as something I was going to do, but I was listening to the audiobook in the car when I picked up the girls from somewhere and they thought it sounded cool, so we decided to all do it.