Friday, October 3, 2008

California Omelet

This is a simple, quick weeknight meal.

For our family of four, I use:


2 avocados
8 eggs
1 tomato
hot sauce
1 tbsp. butter


Peel and mash one avocado.  Chop up half of a tomato.

Scramble all 8 eggs and add some milk, like you normally would for scrambled eggs.  Add the avocado and tomato.

Melt the butter in your non-stick pan.

Add the egg mixture.  When it starts to look a little dry around the edges, flip it.  I don't always have the greatest luck with this, sometimes it ends up more like scrambled eggs.

Chop the other half of the tomato.  Cut the other avocado in sections.  Top the omelet with the chopped tomato and sectioned avocado.  Pass with hot sauce.

Sometimes we eat this with tortillas, sometimes with toast.  Usually we have some kind of melon to accompany it.