Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today, I had to work late, which meant picking my girls up at school and having them do their homework at the library.  Which, they love because while other kids are their doing homework, my kids get to devour snacks in the lounge, check patrons out, sit at the reference desk and just generally show off!
Since they were so good, I took them to Justice Just for Girls and let them get some Bubble Yum lipgloss and Girl Wraps and headbands and t-shirts and capri pants.  Then we stopped at the shoe store on the way home to see if we could find them sandals.

When we got home, it was almost 7pm and my awesome husband had a pot of water boiling for pasta (despite the fact that, as usual, I left my cell phone in the charger and couldn't call him)!  He had set the table and given himself the "Celebrate" plate--a plate that we have that says Celebrate in bright bold letters around the rim.  We use this plate to celebrate and acknowledge something awesome that happens to someone on our family.  The girls asked who got the plate, as it is always exciting to us!  And he told them that he did.  I was busy making salad and pouring milk and didn't get to ask why.
My poor husband was bursting with excitement!

My husband is an arborist.  A tree expert.  He knows trees inside and out and is good at what he does.  He was selected to work on what is being touted as "the biggest tree project in the Western Hemisphere".
He has been working on this project for about three years.  During that time, he's been in several local newspapers and video clips of him air on New York news stations.  There have been several different indie documentary companies who have come out and interviewed him and filmed various parts of the project.

This morning, he got to meet the man that envisioned the entire project as well as the man who owns the environmental design firm that is contracting Jason's company.  Both men told Jason how happy they were with the job that he was doing and how great everything looks.  (He didn't even know they were coming!)

Then, a small indie documentary crew showed up and shot some footage.  The indie guys are always cool and easy to work with.

THEN, a film crew from THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL showed up!  A film that STEVEN SPEILBERG is producing.  The architect and the owner of the environmental design company were interviewed, as was Jason!  Yes, my husband will be on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL